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Scrub Daddy

Scrub Daddy
Scrub dirty hands clean!

The Scrub Daddy is a porous foam sponge that scrubs dirty, greasy hands clean. Its special open-celled foam is just what detailers need to remove the grease and grime from hard-working hands.

The Scrub Daddy is made by the same people who brought you The Edge 2000 buffing pads. You could say they are experts on foam. This particular foam has a porous texture that is ideal for scrubbing, yet it’s gentle on your skin. The foam softens when wet but still packs enough scrubbing power to remove the brake dust and motor oil from your hands (and it actually feels better on your hands than some of those harsh hand cleaners that you might have in the garage).

The Scrub Daddy is round with a smooth side and a zigzag side. The smooth side is for general hand-washing. The zigzag side works well to clean under your fingernails. The finger holes clean dirty fingertips in no time at all.

Just because you’ve been detailing all day, that doesn’t mean you have to look like it! The Scrub Daddy by The Edge is the easy way to scrub greasy hands clean.

4 inches x 2 inches

Scrub Daddy
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