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Liquid Glass Auto Polish/Finish 16 oz.

Liquid Glass Auto Polish/Finish 16 oz.
Made with crystal clear carbon for maximum durability!

Liquid Glass Auto Polish/ Finish offers the ultimate, glassy smooth paint protection with an amazing carbon formula! Liquid Glass protects all hard, nonporous surfaces from the elements, oxidation, and debris. Use Liquid Glass on paint, glass, hard plastics, and metals to seal the surface and enhance the shine. Liquid Glass is a paint sealant and so much more!

Liquid Glass Auto Polish/Finish creates a mirror like shine that resists acid rain, road salt deterioration , tar, sap, rust, corrosion, dulling, minor bird dropping permeation, bugs, tree branch scratches and just about everything that mankind and mother nature can dish out. Crystal clear carbon is combined with Liquid Glass’ proprietary ingredients to provide a hard, protective finish that can withstand almost anything.

Use Liquid Glass on automobiles, trucks, vans, RV's, motorcycles, and other vehicles. Liquid Glass provides excellent protection against normal road, atmospheric, and other sources of pollution, and it retards oxidation of painted metals and fiberglass. Liquid Glass is clear coat safe.

Also use Liquid Glass on aircraft to protect, keep clean, and reduce surface friction. It also has hundreds of uses in and around the home, for example: Formica, ceramic tile, jewelry, glass, sporting and camping equipment, etc.

Liquid Glass Auto Polish/Finish makes regular car care so much easier! Liquid Glass-coated wheels repel most brake dust and grime. Cleaning is easy because the brake dust doesn’t stick to the slick Liquid Glass finish.

In harsh winter climates, Liquid Glass saves you the work of scraping ice off your vehicle. Ice and snow can’t stick to the slick finish once the vehicle reaches normal operating temperatures.

The key ingredient in Liquid Glass is crystal clear carbon, the same element found in DIAMONDS. Once air cured, the Liquid Glass Finish is as hard as glass and will never crack, chip, peel or turn yellow and never has to be removed.

Give your vehicle the unbeatable protection of carbon with Liquid Glass Auto Polish/Finish. It leaves your vehicle with a crystal clear, hard-as-glass finish that withstands almost anything!

16 oz.

Application Tips:
  • Liquid Glass recommends applying Auto Polish/Finish every 6-12 months in extreme climates (heat, snow, heavy rain). You don’t have to remove previous coats.
  • Multiple coats of Liquid Glass Auto Polish will deepen the shine and increase protection. Allow four hours of curing time between coats.
  • You should use Liquid Glass Precleaner once a year, prior to applying Liquid Glass Auto Polish/Finish, to make sure the vehicle is completely clean.
  • Liquid Glass Auto Polish/Finish can be applied with an orbital polisher but it is not necessary. To get the thinnest, most even coverage, apply Liquid Glass by hand.
  • Apply Liquid Glass Auto Polish/Finish with a foam or microfiber pad. The manufacturer recommends using a textured applicator to help clean the paint.
  • If Liquid Glass streaks, wipe the area with a damp cloth until the streaks disappear.

Liquid Glass Auto Polish/Finish 16 oz.
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16 oz. Liquid Glass Auto Polish/Finish<br>Case of 12
16 oz. Liquid Glass Auto Polish/Finish
Case of 12


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